Inspired Business Fixed Voice Plans

Low Cost Business Phone Plans that SAVE you money

Choose a plan based on your calling patterns
Perfect for businesses with 2 - 10 lines
FREE calls on selected plans
Choose 12 or 24 month terms
Works on PSTN (analogue) or ISDN (digital) lines

Choose a calling plan to suit your business

Every business is different and the way you can save is based on how you call. You may make a lot of short calls, or only call landlines, or make a lot of calls to mobiles... so our business plans allow you to choose the right plan that saves you money.


Keep your existing phone lines

All these plans are available on standard PSTN, ISDN2 or ISDN 10/20/30 phone lines, so there is no need to connect new lines. You simply get the same reliable service you’re used to with no downtime.

Different lines can have different Business Plans

You can apply different plans to different lines, so a fax line can be on a lower plan and your phone lines on a higher plan.

Why Choose Us?

Because we give the kind of service you just can’t get from the big telco.

One Bill

We’re a full service telecommunications provider meaning we can provide all your communications on one single bill. So that’s one simple payment per month and one company to deal with. Just makes life simple.

Direct Contact

When you’re with us you’ll have our direct contact details so if you’ve got a question you know who to come to. It’s the kind of personal service the big telcos just can’t offer. Their loss, your gain.

Choice of Networks

We know reliability is crucial, it’s just got to work. So we only partner with the tier 1 networks so you get the service you’re paying for, in more places. And better still, we can offer the network that suits you, not us.

A Communications Partner

We believe in being a valued partner to our clients by offering honest and straightforward advice. We don’t make the sale and run, we’re here to stay, and we’re here to do whatever we need to keep you happy.

Things you should Know

Terms and Conditions

1. All prices quoted are inc GST 2. Total Minimum commitment over 12 month term is $1079.40 (Business Super Plan), $599.40 (Business Starter Plan) and $419.40 (Business Base). 3. Offer only available to customers who take up full service fixed line (including long distance and calls to mobile services). 4. When a 12 month term is selected, it is a requirement that you pay your bill on the due date via direct debit. If you have selected a 24 month term, the direct debit payment requirement is optional and you may pay your account with any of the available payment methods noted on your monthly account. 5. Early Termination Fee: Should you cancel your Plan on any service, you will be charged an early Termination Fee. The Early Termination Fee will be calculated as your monthly access fee multiplied by the months remaining in your contract term. 6. All Fixed wire services are covered by the Customer Service Guarantee Standard. Please refer to our Customer Service Guarantee Policy for details on the CSG Standard. 7. Plans are available to both PSTN and IDSN fixed wire services. Please refer to our Standard Form of Agreement for terms of use on fixed wire products. 8. When we supply you a Basic Telephone Service that is a business service on the business plan, you must use the service in accordance with the following reasonable use policy: on average, 95% of Local Calls and National Calls made from your service last no more than an hour. We can collect information and investigate whether you are complying with the reasonable use policy. If we find that you aren’t, and you do not comply within 30 days of us telling you, we can change your service to a Business Base Plan. This reasonable use policy is not intended to release the Company from any obligation it has under any applicable legislation. 9. You can only choose a business plan for services using the Telstra public switched telephone network (except private payphones, services with Call Diversion Number Only, Number Redirection and Corporate Virtual Network), ISDN2 Services or ISDN10/20/30 Services 10. Dishonoured direct debit payments may incur a charge.