Inspired Mobile Broadband Plans

4G Broadband for Desktop, Laptops, Mobile
Routers, Tablets & Any Device that takes a SIM.

Mobile Broadband Features

Fast 4G mobile broadband.

If you need to stay connected while out & about then a 4G broadband service is the way forward.

Suitable for a wide range of devices
4G Mobile Broadband service can provide internet connection to many devices, such as laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. and can be shared by more than one device (tethering).



Peace of Mind
With Zero Bill Shock feature you do not need have to worry about your mobile bill as there will be no excess usage charges.

Data bolt-ons
Now you can add extra data to your plan at any time. Choices from 1GB to 5GB recurring and one-off bolt-ons are available. To be used in Australia only.

Why Choose Us?

Because we give the kind of service you just can't get from a big telco.

One Bill - click here for details

We're a full service telecommunications provider which means we can supply all your communication services and charge you on the one bill. So that's one simple payment per month and one company to deal with. Just makes life simple.

When you're with us you'll have our direct contact details so if you've got a question you know who to come to. It's the kind of personal service the big telcos just can't offer. Their loss, your gain.

Choice of Networks - click here for details

We know reliability is crucial, it's just got to work. So we only partner with the tier 1 networks and you get the services you're paying for, in more places. And better still, we can offer the network that suits you, not us.

A Communications Partner - Click here for details

We believe in being a valued partner to our clients by offering honest and straightforward advice. We don't make the sale and run, we're here to stay, and we're here to do whatever we need to keep you happy.

Things you should Know

Terms and Conditions

1. All prices are quoted inclusive of GST. 2. Total minimum cost over 24 Months is $550.80 (2GB plan), $670.80(5GB plan), $910.80 (10GB plan), $1,390.80 (15GB plan) & $1,870.80 (20GB plan). 3. Data usage will be counted in kilobytes, where 1024kb = 1 Megabytes (MB) or part thereof and includes both uploads and downloads. 4. 1 Gigabyte (GB) = 1024 Megabytes (MB). 5. Any unused data allowance cannot be rolled over. 6. Data allowance does not include services such as voice calls, VoiceMail, international SMS or MMS, Premium and Third Party SMS, MMS, Optus Zoo subscription content and Third Party content and applications, 13/1300, 19xx numbers. If you are able to access such services, your use of these will be charged at prevailing rates. 7. Excess data rate is $0.02002 per MB where 1MB = 1024kb. 8. When overseas, international data roaming usage charges apply as extra (for charges refer to 9. Some data cards are incompatible with networks in some countries. 10. Coverage: Optus 3G dual band is part of the Optus Open Network™ and refers to our 2100MHz/900MHz coverage. With 3G dual band devices coverage is available throughout the Optus Open Network™ in 3G dual band areas, subject to network availability. 11. Not available for sale in NT and TAS (excluding Hobart). 12. Before purchasing this product check Optus Open Network™ coverage in your area at coverage. 13. Internet Fair Use Policy applies.