13 Reasons to have a 1300 number

Ever wondered why some businesses have a 1300 number and whether yours should too? Here are 13 reasons why this is a MUST:

  1. Give your business a more professional image, even if you're only locally based or working out of the boot of your car
  2. Enable your business to operate 24/7 ensuring round the clock lead capture
  3. Keep the same number for as long as your business is in business
  4. Extend the geographical coverage of your business throughout Australia at minimal cost– a 1300 number provides a single nationwide point of contact for your customers.
  5. Encourage customers to call – they can do so from any Australian landline for the cost of a local call.
  6. Answer calls in Australia or overseas - your 1300 number can be pointed to any landline, mobile or overseas number as required.
  7. Take your number with you - if you relocate within Australia, your customers will be able to reach you on the number they've always used - never lose business or miss an opportunity because a customer can't find your new number.
  8. Increase enquiries. Studies show customers are more likely to call a 1300 number than a mobile or local number - get the edge over your competitors using traditional landline numbers.
  9. Get statistics on calls to your 1300 number including the number of calls, where they're from and their duration and use these to measure and report.
  10. Nominate where calls are answered based on the call origin or the time of day and have calls diverted to a secondary location during busy periods
  11. Use 1300 numbers to inform your marketing strategy – use separate numbers in different advertisements, track the incoming calls and use this information to determine where to spend your marketing dollars.
  12. Promote your business name, product or service with a 'smart' 1300 number which has this info in the number itself.
  13. Utilise call handling options to enhance caller experience through intro messages, auto attendant and voice to email functionality.